We might have mentioned before how much we love science fiction, and the fact that this year’s summer reading theme is Science. Actually: Science!! It needs an exclamation point. 

So, we’ve put together a really, really, incredibly huge booklist (working title? The Hive) for fans of science and fantasy fiction - and we added a little something extra, since, if you’re anything like us, when you love reading a genre, you love to watch films and shows, and play video games, in that same genre. 

And if you’re playing Reading Bingo this summer with us for Summer Reading - or if you’re planning to take part in our Summer Fling (With a Book)! matchmaking program - then these books will definitely see you through summer and beyond!

I like this format a lot.

Totally stealing this for displays in our Teen Center.

Hahaha, steal away!  And add to it!  If we’d had more room, we would have added more books, trust us. :)  

Have we mentioned before how much we love the Pickerington Library? Well, it bears repeating. Also, if you haven’t read READY PLAYER ONE, go do it. RIGHT NOW.